Monday, 2 May 2011


It is mizzling(rain lightly), light night breeze sweeping past our hair as if singing a melody, swaying trees and leaves twiddling. Dopiness diffuses all across the world. Everyone calm as a child in dreamless slumber. My beloved and I are standing barefooted below a flood light road side. Her face shimmers under this turmeric yellow colored light. She is shivering under this cold breeze and small rain drops dropping down her auburn hair.

Her eyelashes perfectly curved upwards and tiny water droplets filled between the gaps of small hair of eyelash looking marvelous. I am just looking and looking into her beautiful, innocent, sea deep eyes. She is feeling bit of uncomfortable. To divert ma attention from her she says pointing towards moon “Look how beautiful Moon is looking”. But I am so mesmerized by her beauty. I am lost in her. She is looking none other than an angel to me. Now I hold her foam like soft hand and try to bring her as close as to me. She put one hand on my shoulder and I too do the same. Now I hold her other arm as tightly as no one could take her away from me. 




 We start swinging around on empty roads on the notes of breeze and humming the favorite song we could suit for the scene. Water splashing and we are giggling, in fact enjoying the moment at the fullest. 



I feel my heart brimmed to say my feelings. Now we halt and I take out red rose from my pocket, hold it in my hand and grip her fingers, knee down and about to give her the rose and say those divine words, words for which I have been waiting for so long. Somebody peep calling out my name I thought her , but what the fate I broke my dream. "Don't you bother what the clock struck now, its 9 am", my mother shouted. I woke up yawning and thinking of her beautiful image, but 'what the heck' diminishing into the darkness of the night dream. When I got to the full nerve I outshout struck my head "Oh my gosh it is just a dream". “I wanna get back to the dream", I mumbled to myself.